Bulletin of Arunachal Forest Research

(Arunachal Forest News)

ISSN (print): 0970-9487

Website of "BULLETIN OF ARUNACHAL FOREST RESEARCH" officially launched on 4th October 2017

Bulletin of Arunachal Forest Research earlier known as Arunachal Forest News, is a pioneer Indian journal in the field of Forestry and Environmental Research publishing since 1978 by State Forest Research Institute (SFRI), Itanagar 

H.B.Abo Editor-In-Chief

During its career of 44 years, it has published 37 volumes in 68 issues containing more than 500 articles on all aspects of scientific forestry and environmental research. Online version of the Bulletin from volume 28-29 (2012-13) are made open access. 

Volume 1: 1978
Volume 6: 1988
Volume 16: 1998
Volume 24: 2008


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